Analysis and Effects of Process Parameters in Induction Hardening

Induction hardening technology employs a refined control setup, with magnetically induced energy patterns acting as a contact-free heat treatment mechanism. A hardening profile is established by the induction station’s electrically manipulated magnetic fields. Science-based principles now gain traction, but what criteria are we hinting at here? A detailed analysis is required to understand the effects […]

Differences between Induction Hardening and Case Hardening

Workpiece hardening is a central part of any heat treatment facilities’ work output, so it’s only logical that several alternative techniques should develop in response to this need for mechanical toughness. Let’s compare two of these popular hardening techniques. Essentially, we’ll be noting the differences that exist between induction hardening and case hardening technology. Processing […]

Stress Relieving is Insurance for Engineering Projects

Large-scale engineering projects use machined metal components to support structural loads. They accomplish this task by accessing the strength of a selected alloy. Unfortunately, strength isn’t the only attribute contained within the metal. The worked part also contains undesirable properties, those incurred by numerous machine stations. Residual stress is the issue. Worryingly, if left unchecked, […]

What is Carbonitriding?

As we discuss carbonitriding, expect to be carried through a heat treatment process that relies heavily on the control of local atmospheric variables. In particular, as the label implies, carbon and nitrogen atoms are injected into the controlled environment. Undoubtedly, this is an essential technique, one that surface hardens base steel, but how does it […]

Advantages of Flame Hardening of Gears and Wheel Sprockets

Gears and wheel sprockets are low profile components, but that understated physical form belies an innate knack for handling near unendurable loads. Geometrically detailed, these essential mechanical parts are machined from the finest materials. Manufactured, machined, and balanced, the parts are then heat treated so that they can tolerate high loading factors. Flame hardening is […]