Case Hardening and How It Can Benefit Metals

One of the most utilised materials in the world right now is metal. Metals generally boast a wide array of useful mechanical properties that enticed industries to use them in creating many products. Some mechanical properties that most metals boast include high melting points, high thermal and electrical conductivity, high density, excellent malleability, and respectable […]

How to Resolve Problems Related to Induction Hardening

Induction hardening is one of the surface hardening processes that manufacturers often maximise. This process entails the hardening of the metal part surface quickly and selectively. Several manufacturers opt for induction hardening as it can provide tons of advantages to a wide array of metal parts and products such as increased wear resistance, increased strength […]

What is Oil Quenching and How is it Done?

Various construction companies rely heavily on metal parts and products to make their projects successful. Metal architectural pieces, after all, are durable, versatile, and long-lasting. But raw metal architectural pieces may not be robust enough in withstanding weather and other outdoor elements. And so, companies would only opt for architectural pieces that have been subjected […]

3 General Causes of Failure in Heat Treated Metal Components

Manufacturers of metal parts and components often turn to heat treatment due to the advantages its processes could bring to their overall operations. Heat treatment, for one, can alter the physical properties of materials, matching the specifications needed for subsequent manufacturing activities. It can likewise relieve any stresses on the materials, making them easier to […]

The Primary Advantages of Black Oxide Coating

Tons of finishing and coating options can be applied to metal parts and products so they can attain more unique qualities. Some of these options may grant these things a matte surface, while others can become glossy. The colour of the parts and products may likewise be changed by different coating processes. While industries enjoy […]

4 Common Types of Heat Treatment Process

Heat treatment is a process that is loved by many industries as it can alter the physical and even the chemical properties of a material. Used primarily for compatible metals, the process of heat treatment can easily improve their wear resistance, durability, workability, strength, and magnetic properties. There are three stages of heat treatment that […]