The Technological Process of Heat Treatment

To get the desired properties of metal materials, metallurgists would normally place them under heat treatment. Heat treatment is a group of industrial and metalworking processes that are used in changing and modifying the properties of a metal or any other material. The processes involved in heat treatment are constantly enhanced by different metallurgists to […]

The Stages of Heat Treatment

Different manufacturing industries maximise all the features that can be found on metals. For one, almost all metals can be easily fabricated into any shape, size, or design. Some of them can also withstand intense heat, pressure, force, corrosion, and other damaging elements on their surroundings. Their durability and longevity make them suitable for a […]

Vacuum Heat Treating and Its Material Advantages

Heat is typically required to change the formation and appearance of metals. However, as these heated metals react with air, the said interaction would manifest numerous unwanted changes to the materials such as discolouration, scale, or contamination. The effects of the interaction with air are brought by the oxidation process, which should be avoided to […]

What are Some of the Causes of Quench Cracking in Steel?

It is significant for heat treatments to comprehend the systems related with quench cracking and to make every single judicious step important to maintain a strategic distance from in-administration item disappointments. To achieve this errand manufacturing engineers plan on materials choice, manufacturing strategies (including heat treatment) and wellbeing remittances. One of the initial phases in […]

Understanding Cold Working and Annealing

All in all terms, cold working is the disfigurement that happens under conditions where recuperation forms are not successful. Then again, hot working is twisting under states of temperature and strain rate to such an extent that recuperation forms happen at the same time with the deformation. There are basic changes that happen during cold […]

Heat Treatment Process Used for Castings

It is highly essential to use heat treatment process to change the physical and chemical properties of cast alloy depending on how it will be used. As it undergoes a heat treatment process, most of its mechanical properties be it ferrous or non-ferrous in nature will be observed through their microstructure. The heat treatment process […]