How Can Large Rolls and Shafts Benefit from Flame Hardening?

27 July 2023

Flame hardening is a surface hardening process that involves heating the surface of a metal workpiece to a high temperature using a flame and then rapidly quenching it to yield a hardened surface layer. This process is commonly used to improve the qualities of large rolls and shafts, which are […]

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Stress Relieving of Heat-Treated Materials: An Overview and Its Best Applications

10 July 2023

Stress relieving is a heat treatment process that can improve the properties and performance of materials, including metals and plastics. This specific process involves heating a material to a specific temperature and holding it for a period to allow stress relaxation. One of the benefits of stress relieving is it […]

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Nitriding at Alpha Detroit: The Impact of Nitriding on the Microstructure and Properties of Materials

26 June 2023

When processing metals, manufacturers opt for various heat treatment and surface treatment processes as they can alter the properties of workpieces. Most of these processes can improve their strength, resistance to elements, and workability, making it possible for industries to receive metal parts and products that last for a long […]

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Stress Relieving at Alpha Detroit: Main Purpose and Uses of Hydrogen De-embrittlement

05 June 2023

Metal parts and components utilised by different industries should undergo hydrogen de-embrittlement so they can be protected from the damaging effects of hydrogen. Metals are often utilised by manufacturers in producing parts and components since they are durable, appealing, dependable, and long-lasting. However, some of them can easily get damaged […]

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4 Types of Metal Surface Hardening Offered by Alpha Detroit

19 May 2023

Alpha Detroit offers a wide range of metal surface hardening processes so that metal parts and components will be protected from damaging elements. After all, these things are often utilised by various industries given their reliable strength, outstanding longevity, and astonishing appeal. Their versatility and flexibility also allow them to […]

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