Comparing Induction Hardening and Case Hardening

On one side of this comparative guide, induction hardening technology employs a strong electromagnetic field as the heat treatment engine. On the other side, a similarly potent case hardening station is busily armouring the surface of a newly arrived workpiece. Both methods harden exterior surfaces. Case in point, flame hardening equipment is incredibly selective, but […]

Tips to Help Avoid Heat Treatment Problems

Numerous variables govern the heat treatment process. If one of those variables moves beyond an allowable error margin, the toughened and tempered workpiece will likely demonstrate a set of less than desirable physical characteristics. The dimensions of the part alter. It warps or develops a materially diminished structure. Other processing imperfections include uneven case hardening, […]

Tips on How to Avoid Vacuum Heat Furnace Downtime

The successful utilization of a vacuum heat furnace hangs on several important factors, most importantly of which would be the integrity of this vacant space. Contingent on the purity of the vacuum, the efficacy of the equipment seal, and the condition of the integrated quenching tank, furnace downtime is a manageable productivity obstacle. With that […]

What is De-Embrittlement in Heat Treatment?

Metal embrittlement occurs during numerous heat treatment processes. Furthermore, certain electrochemical techniques are known to promote this undesirable effect. The result is a finished metal product that’s drastically weakened. Fracture-prone and flawed, the embedded microcrystalline defects cast a blemish-ridden shadow on what should be a universally toughened alloy part. If there’s an increased likelihood of […]

Achieving Optimum Results in Heat Treatment

Despite appearances, heat treatment work relies on a scientifically accurate process. Sure, the coarse industrial outlines operating here may suggest otherwise, but don’t be fooled, this is engineering fidelity labouring at the highest level. Just how are those optimised results achieved? The answer is simple. Every step in the process has to be governable. There’s […]

What is Oxidation in Heat Treatment?

Just as a refresher, what is heat treatment technology? Certainly, the exposure of a metal part to heat changes its material and mechanical characteristics. And those changes occur over time. That controlled thermal treatment sequence can even be dramatically curtailed by quenching the metal workpiece. What about material oxidation in heat treatment, though? Where does […]