What are Austenitic Stainless Steels and Why They Cannot Undergo Heat Treatment?

Copious quantities of nickel and chromium bolster a base ferrous structure. That’s what gives Austenitic Stainless Steel its face-centred microcrystalline identity. Infused with a little carbon, the alloy family gains its mainstream mechanical properties. So, what is that austenitic edge? The nickel-based flavouring is clear enough, but we want to know more about its practical […]

How Does Heat Treatment Affect Steel Grain Structure?

As the temperature rises in a heat treatment furnace, strange transformations occur. In steel workpieces, the grain structure of the component changes size. Alternatively, new grains form. They undergo phase transformative processes. There’s carbon in the mix, too. As those phase changes take place, the alloy-strengthening element becomes more soluble. The carbon diffuses, so the […]

Heat Treatment Process of Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are those that contain iron. Laced with carbon and other exotic elements, iron is a durable, structurally capable alloy. It exudes a polished finish when formed into stainless steel, becomes malleable and machine-formable when forged as mild steel, and it even demonstrates a high measure of corrosion resistance when mixed with nickel. Endlessly […]

Heat Treatment Process of Non-Ferrous Metals

Heat treatment science employs an equal opportunities approach to the field of metal strengthening. That’s another way of saying the techniques used here aren’t just used to harden ferrous workpieces. Indeed, full-service heat treatment facilities toughen soft non-ferrous components, too. Needless to say, though, a different set of processing standards are implemented when a non-ferrous […]

Salt Pot Case Hardening Defined

Salt Case Hardening, the term sounds so exotic. The knowledgeable heat treatment professional knows exactly what’s happening when the technique is applied, of course. Meanwhile, for the novice engineers out there, it’s possible to infer the case hardening approach used here, perhaps by focusing on the saltiness of the procedure. Sit tight for the next […]

What is the Concept and Importance of Annealing?

In this heat treatment technique, a counterintuitive reaction is seemingly encountered as a metal workpiece is heated and held at a predetermined furnace temperature. Remarkably, instead of hardening the alloy, the procedure softens the part and makes it more ductile. That thought goes against the grain. Well, it seems to, but this is the intended […]

Black Oxide Coatings: Common Problems and Remedies

A problem-solving guide for black oxide coatings, that’s the direction this article is taking. The finish should be oily black. Putting a tick in that checkbox, the coating should also be moderately corrosion resistant. Only, the inspector’s pen is wavering. There’s an issue with the ebony-hued conversion coating. Spotting problems are apparent, as are strange […]