The Primary Advantages of Black Oxide Coating

26 April 2022

Tons of finishing and coating options can be applied to metal parts and products so they can attain more unique qualities. Some of these options may grant these things a matte surface, while others can become glossy. The colour of the parts and products may likewise be changed by different coating processes.

While industries enjoy the visual enhancements provided by most finishing and coating processes, they mostly apply them to make their parts more durable and more reliable. Through the right finishing process, their offerings can achieve better corrosion resistance. They can also boast added endurance against other damaging elements in the surroundings.

One coating process that can be done to metal parts and products is black oxide coating. The black oxide coating is carried out by dipping parts in an alkaline aqueous salt solution to introduce magnetite into their surface. This specific coating process can provide numerous advantages to a lot of industries.

Stealthy Look

One of the advantages of black oxide coating is that it gives off a stealthy look to the materials. The coating process can give off a dark black colour to the parts and products without any patina or rainbow effect. If these things, however, already boast shiny or matter surfaces before the black oxide coating process, then expect them to retain their default surfaces unless an additional finish will be applied.

Retained Dimensions

Another advantage of black oxide coating is that it can retain the dimensions of the parts being processed. Since black oxide coating only alters the surface property of the parts, manufacturers can ensure that their parts and products will be free from additional dimensional changes. They will not find any deposited or removed surfaces or areas to their newly coated parts and products.

Additional Resistance

Black oxide coating does not only improve the appearance of parts and products but can also improve their longevity. The elements generated out of the black oxide coating and its accompanying after finishes can provide parts and products with their much-needed resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Manufacturers can expect their parts and products to be more durable and last for a long time.

Improved Lubricity

Some parts and products have to be lubricated for them to be effective and functional. Fortunately, black oxide coating can make sure that these materials can attain improved lubricity. This process can also introduce better anti-galling characteristics to the parts and products due to the application of after-finish elements like oil or wax.

Reduced Reflection

Somehow related to their stealthy look, parts and products that have undergone black oxide coating can be less distracting as they have reduced reflection. As light hits some metal products, they tend to emit light glare that can be too distracting. Sometimes, they can even cause eye fatigue. Black oxide coating, luckily, alters the appeal of the products and makes them less distracting.

The advantages of black oxide coating make it useful for processing surgical instruments, hardware tools, electrical components, automotive parts, and even military weapons. To know more about black oxide coating, do not hesitate to call us at Alpha Detroit Heat Treatment.

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