Most Popular Specialised Heat Treatment Services from Alpha Detroit Heat Treatment

07 April 2022

Heat treatment is comprised of various processes that can change the physical and/or chemical properties of a material. Often used for metals, heat treatment has helped ensure that the materials can become more suitable for a specific application. 

We, at Alpha Detroit Heat Treatment, have been in the industry of heat treatment for decades. By employing the best experts in the field, we can provide a wide range of specialty heat treatment services for complex engineering projects. Our company can likewise offer manufacturing services that can benefit all industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Our innovative processes and experience have granted us the opportunity to work with small run and unique projects. We even offer regular and repeat specialised heat treatment services to our customers. Some of the services that we offer are as follows.

Case Hardening

Case hardening is a process that modifies the chemical properties of a material. This service is done whenever a part needs to boast a durable surface and a softer core. It can also be done whenever additional elements must be integrated into the material. Once a part undergoes this process, it can effectively absorb shock and boast added strength. Case hardening can be applied to materials intended for generating blades, cutting tools, and gears.

Induction Hardening

Induction hardening is another process that we can carry out in our workshop. One thing that is unique about this process is that it can be applied selectively to a material. This process can be conducted through magnetic coils, which help in matching the geometry of the part and addressing areas that need additional ductility and strength. This process can be done with oil, polymer, or water.


Annealing happens whenever a material is subjected to an extremely high temperature before cooling it slowly. This service can be performed whenever metal alloys have been softened. As they undergo annealing, their machinability is enhanced, allowing them to be processed again through grinding, quenching, and machining. The annealing process can likewise improve the hardness and chemical properties of the materials.


Tempering is a process that is often conducted after quenching. This process aims to reduce the hardness of the materials, increase their ductility, and maintain their microstructure effectively. With tempering, the materials can overcome machining difficulties and create parts that will not fail easily. Parts that fail might have not undergone tempering or have not been quenched properly.

Stress Relieving

One more process that we can perform to materials is stress relieving. Stress relieving is a process that can remove internal dislocations and defects of the materials. As these flaws are removed, the materials are expected to be much more stable. This process is carried out to avoid changing the hardness and strength of the materials.

Our team of experts can conduct these processes without any issues. To acquire our services, you can contact us at Alpha Detroit Heat Treatment.

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