Common Applications associated with Salt Bath Heat Treatment

04 November 2021

Many heat treatment processes are designed to effectively heat metal materials without exposing them to melting temperatures before cooling them. The activities involved in these processes are intended to obtain certain mechanical properties of the materials. Some of the materials may become more malleable, while others may become stronger, more ductile, or more resistant to abrasion.

One heat treatment process that is popular to manufacturers today is the salt bath heat treatment.

Salt bath heat treatment is a process wherein treated parts or components will be immersed into a molten salt or salts mixture. What is great about this specific process is that it can provide a faster heating setup. It can likewise provide adequate control over the cooling conditions of the parts as well as low surface oxidation and decarburisation. Some applications associated with salt bath heat treatment are as follows:

Aerospace Industry

One of the most common applications associated with salt bath heat treatment involves the aerospace industry. Through salt bath heat treatment, various parts and components of aeroplanes can become resistant to fatigue. They can likewise become more durable against damaging elements present in the surroundings, especially at high speeds. Some aerospace parts that can take advantage of the salt bath heat treatment process are helicopter frame parts, aeroplane engine components, and many more.

Automotive Industry

Just like the aerospace industry, the automotive industry can likewise maximise the advantages present with salt bath heat treatment. The process of salt bath heat treatment does not only make parts resistant to fatigue, but it can also make them resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. Some of the most notable parts of vehicles that can take advantage of salt bath heat treatment are gears, axles, fasteners, camshafts, crankshafts, and other metal parts and components.

Electronics Industry 

The parts needed for various machines and equipment pieces to run effectively must be made from materials that are durable, reliable, and long-lasting. Without these types of materials, they could easily reach the end of their service life and even risk dangers to the people using them. Heavy machines, in particular, are often made from parts out of iron, steel, titanium, nickel, copper, and aluminium. Through salt bath heat treatment, these materials can be processed so they can be strong and dependable.

The process of salt bath heat treatment and its associated benefits become possible thanks to its utilisation of a salt bath furnace. Through the addition of nitrates, nitrites, chlorides, carbonates, cyanide, and caustic soda, the process can ensure that parts and components will become wear-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. Salt bath heat treatment likewise ensures that the parts and components can be utilised again in other manufacturing steps, which cannot be done by other processes.

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