How Does Hardening and Tempering Improve the Strength of Materials?

Material strength isn’t a straightforward property, not when we’re talking about structurally-capable alloys. Yes, a hardened workpiece is stiff, but it could also be brittle. In reality, strength is an amalgamated property, something that combines hardness and material tempering. In using metal solidification technology as our starting point, we’ll explain the importance of hardening, then […]

Stress Relieving and Hydrogen De-embrittlement

Robust metals are often judged on hardness. It’s a term that’s closely related to the stiffness of an alloy, which is all well and good, but what about ductility? What of plastic deformation and tensile strength? A material that’s solely engineered to be stiff is likely to hold its shape, but without elastic deformation, it […]