The Anti-Corrosion Benefits of Black Oxide Coating

In documenting the essential characteristics of the black oxide coating process, we’ve illustrated the engineering science and the main advantages of the procedure. More than a smart finishing process, a material depositing technique; the metal surfaces that undergo this process are actually converted into a new form, one that shields the underlying metal while gifting it with a superb onyx-black finish.

Nitriding Process and Its Purpose

In adding chemistry to heat, we gain a powerful partnership, a fine means of blending two contrasting metal treatment techniques. Heat, obviously, changes the mechanical characteristics of a processed metal. On the other hand, chemical solutions support and even enhance thermal treatment cycles by providing a secondary transformative pathway. The nitriding process is an eloquent example of process-blending alchemy, an instance where surface hardening pairs chemical compounds with heat to surface harden steel parts.

What is Black Oxide Coating?

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that takes place between oxygen molecules and the floating ring of electrons that orbit another element. Rusting iron is an out of control example of oxidation, a reaction that weakens the mechanical strength of the metal, and will actually see the material waste away unless it’s treated or coated in a special finish.

Vacuum Furnaces for Vacuum Heat Treatment

A capacity for uniformly distributing heat is a headlining feature for industrial-grade furnaces. A series of highly consistent geometrical profiles are set to enter this thermally active chamber. They roll into the furnace for carefully timed heating and cooling procedures, exiting after passing through a quenching stage. Critical furnace parameters must be observed, but they’re difficult to maintain when pollutants are abroad.

What is Heat Treatment

Special heat treatment processes are the tool of choice here, with extreme temperatures altering the internal structure of a metal component until it shades through red and white hot intensity. As the part cools, brittleness is gone and the now toughened metal is stronger than ever. The Secret is in the Processing Mix Heating and […]